The new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 PRO


The bike of a world champion is truly something you won’t forget. This is how I felt as I saw my Canyon Speedmax for the first time, and I do not only mean the 2016 redesigned Speedmax. The first time you see any Canyon it is a type of life event one will carry forever.


I recently went to Canyon to fetch my new Speedmax and when I laid my eyes on it I fell inlove all over again. Although Canyon has changed alot in the new design of the bike they have still managed to keep and improve apon the agreesive look every Canyon machine has. I like to think of my Speedmax as the James Bond of bicycles, black on black. The agressive frame has been complimented with a simple white on black paint job and I feel that Canyon wants their engineering to speak for itself and not be hidden by a crazy paint scheme.


I decided to test this theory of mine with a ride as soon as I arrived home from Canyon HQ. My thoughts were correct, the difference between the previous Speedmax and the new Speedmax is enormous! I never really thought that you could improve on something as cutting edge as the previous Speedmax, but the engineers did it!


The first difference I noticed was the stiffness, every turn I made of the crank delivered power straight to my wheel. This was just great, because for those who know me and have seen me on a bike could understand why power delivery is very important to me! I am a BIG guy! The next most important factor was the hydration system that was specifically designed by Canyon with Profile Design for the Speedmax. This clever system was created to give you some free speed as it has aerodynamic profiles which hug the cockpit and frame. The hydration system include a Garmin mount which left me speechless as I have had many problems in the past with finding a spot for my Garmin. I could see that Canyon thought about all the small details that concerns a TRIATHLETE and this really impressed me. Inside the frame, yes inside the frame lies a cavity infront of the seat post where an athlete can put their spares or just about anything that they would want to carry. My first thought about this bike when I heard about it‘s production was where were they going to put all of those idea’s? I mean when I look at my previous Speedmax and how great it was I never would have thought that Canyon was going to redesign the whole bike, just to add all of these idea’s of their‘s while still maintaining the slender and agressive look.


Canyon has not compromised the Speedmax’s adjustability for the new design at all! The difference between the new bike and the old one can definitly be seen as there are physical changes but I can feel the science too. Canyon improved the fit of the base bars and extentsion bars with a road vibration damping rubber, I laughed to myself as I thought about the South African roads. This was made for South Africa!


The bike as been fitted with a Zipp Super 9 Disc and a Zipp 808 aero clincher with Dura-ace Di2 componants. I have always ridden Shimano and they compliment my bike very well, it’s a brand that I have always liked and trusted throughout my career. The wheel’s slice through the air with the bike and the shifting from the Di2 with Kogel pulley wheels really make my life alot easier.


I have fitted my Speedmax with a ceramic bottom bracket, pulley wheels and wheel bearings from Kogel Bearings which will give me a seriously smooth ride over the Durban course. Kogel Bearings is an independant company which creates the most bad ass bottom brackets and this has given me some seriously fast free speed! I cant wait to test my new Canyon in Italy and Durban as I am sure everyone’s jaws will drop as I cycle by with such a beauty as my choice of weaponary, let the game begin!


Cheers, Hannes



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